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Buying Guide

Swing chairs and hammocks have long evoked the feeling of total relaxation.  We find them at our favorite beach houses and often when we travel to beachy destinations around the world.  It is no wonder we love to bring that feeling of escape, peace and serenity into our homes and outdoor spaces. 

For the swing chair enthusiasts, there are many different types of styles and materials to choose from.  There are modern hanging chairs, rustic rattan chairs and everything in between.   Since a swing chair takes up much less space than a traditional hammock, they are perfect for multiple locations inside and outside the home.

There are two hanging styles: some swing chairs can be suspended by two ropes, which is perfect for rocking back and forth like a swing.  When the swing chair is hung by one fixed point, the chair rotates in a circle and drifts back and forth.  Either way, the swing chair provides the perfect way to relax. 

In choosing the perfect swing chair for your home, it is best to consider several factors.  First, is the chair made of quality material?  This will help ensure maximum comfort.  Second, is the chair matched to the anticipated weight and size of the intended recipients?   You don’t want to pick a chair that is too small or too lightweight to hold your guests!  Third, are the materials of the swing chair appropriate for inside or outside usage?  For chairs that are to be hung outdoors, look for construction with materials that will hold up to various types of weather conditions.